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Our Divided America: Do You Have Delusions of Superiority?

2020-08-26T13:11:42-07:00August 26th, 2017|Community, Compassion, Compassionate Love, Love, Mindfulness & Meditation|

I’m grateful to have spent some time tonight watching a video of Brené Brown speaking about the events in Charlottesville, VA, and I’d like to offer a few thoughts. If you’re familiar with my website and Facebook page, you probably know that I haven’t been very shy about expressing my deep concerns about acts of violence and hate, or my strong advocacy for love and compassion.  You may also know that I’ve written and spoken [...]

2016 Presidential Campaign Got You Feeling Angry or Stressed Out? Three ways mindfulness can bring you calm, clarity, and true empowerment.

2020-05-26T00:06:04-07:00October 8th, 2016|Community, Compassion, Compassionate Love, Emotional Intelligence, Happiness, Leadership, Mindfulness & Meditation|

In recent weeks, I’ve found myself feeling increasingly frustrated – and even angry – with many aspects of this year’s presidential campaign, particularly as I’ve watched the news, speeches, debates and rallies, contemplated the implications of the poll numbers, and read dozens (or probably hundreds, I’ve lost count) of politically-charged Facebook and Twitter posts.  I’ve also been feeling a bit powerless—questioning what I can really do to make a difference in this political race to [...]

Freeing Your Mind and Spirit through Meditation

2020-05-26T00:06:04-07:00February 17th, 2014|Mindfulness & Meditation|

How often do you find yourself caught up in your own mind: replaying certain scenes from your day, thinking about what happened and how it affected you -- or how it might affect you in the future, trying to imagine all the possible ways you think a situation might play out, or immersed in thoughts or worries about an issue or conflict with your significant other, a family member, or a friend? Chances are, this [...]

Meditation Basics

2020-05-26T00:06:04-07:00January 26th, 2014|Happiness, Mindfulness & Meditation|

There are many types of meditation: religious and nonreligious, walking and sitting, silent and chanting, with mantras and without, and more. When just getting started, many people find it helpful to practice with one of the most basic of them all:  breathing meditation (also known as ‘mindfulness of breathing’). The general goal of this meditation is to focus on –or be mindful of– your breathing, and only your breathing, for a set period of time. Consider [...]

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