On #GivingTuesday this year (the day after Cyber Monday), Karen posted this on her Facebook timeline:

“I’ll give something to every charity provided in the comments below this status. Go!”

Over 7 hours and 20 charities later, Karen had given something to every charity her Facebook friends had requested she give to.  Under her status, she commented back to each person who recommended a charity, letting them know that she had given a donation to that organization online.

When asked by one of her friends why she was doing this, she said, “Apparently, it has been decided that today is ‘Giving Tuesday’ in America — to follow up on the gluttonous shopping that Americans do around Thanksgiving (which have been named ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’). Today is a day to spend on charities instead of presents… and I get an annual bonus that I can live without.”

Of course, a couple of her friends injected funny comments about the amount of junk mail she would receive as a result of this or about how she could give to their personal PayPal account for their drinking fund.  She also had to field a call from her credit card company regarding suspected fraud on her account due to the high volume of charges.  But mostly, she received an outpouring of gratitude from so many of her friends for her generous act of kindness.

Karen could have simply made a donation to her own favorite charity or spent the day contemplating how best to give on Giving Tuesday, but not actually do anything.  Instead, she embodied compassionate love by giving generously to charities that were close to her friends’ hearts, in essence doubling the impact of the gift.  And in doing this, Karen also helped to raise awareness about dozens of organizations in need of help, our country’s new ‘holiday of philanthropy,’ and the beauty of bringing joy to others.

What will you do for Giving Tuesday next year?