Karen’s Story

2020-05-26T00:06:04-07:00December 9th, 2013|Stories|

On #GivingTuesday this year (the day after Cyber Monday), Karen posted this on her Facebook timeline: “I'll give something to every charity provided in the comments below this status. Go!” Over 7 hours and 20 charities later, Karen had given something to every charity her Facebook friends had requested she give to.  Under her status, she commented back to each person who recommended a charity, letting them know that she had given a donation to [...]

Stephen’s Story

2014-05-17T22:05:21-07:00July 24th, 2013|Stories|

On Tuesday of last week, my wife and I decided to fly to New Orleans, rent a van, and drive her dying mother from Louisiana to Maine. The circumstances were that my sister-in-law, a nun serving in Lacombe, Louisiana, had been caring for their mother for 18 months.  My wife had been encouraging her to get their mother home for the past six months before she became too ill to fly.  Unfortunately, what was predicted happened [...]

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